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What is the East Side Aligned Roadmap?

The East Side Aligned Roadmap is a living document that seeks to clarify and prioritize what the community desires and is committed to with regard to the readiness and well-being of our children and youth.


The Roadmap is also a call to the larger community to develop broader partnerships, set attainable goals, employ data driven decision making, and engage in bolder strategies. We are committed to moving beyond fragmented approaches, toward area-wide collaboration and accountability.


The Roadmap is an invitation to the community to make a commitment to work collaboratively to achieve the the goal of all children and youth within Greater East St. Louis being:

  • Healthy & Safe in their Environments

  • Socially Connected & Emotionally Secure

  • Successful in School, College & Work

  • Positively Engaged in their Community


Over 400 people (half of which were youth) engaged in developing The Roadmap, which was released in late 2015. East Side Aligned will be engaging the community again throughout 2022 and 2023 to "refresh" the Roadmap and strengthen commitments toward creating the conditions for young people to thrive.


Click below to download a copy of the current Roadmap, which is comprised of 14 sub-goals and over 180 strategies.





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