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We believe in young people being integral leaders and decision-makers in their own lives and community.

Youth Voice and Leadership

Youth Voice and Leadership

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A primary sub-goal within the East Side Aligned Roadmap reads, 


"All children and youth have platforms to develop and apply their voice and skills in civic engagement, leadership, and advocacy."

This aspiration came from our young people who desire to be heard, be involved, and be part of the change they wish to create for themselves and their community.


East Side Aligned is working to: 


We equip adults to center youth voice.

We equip youth to use their voice and leadership.


We connect youth and adults to build relationships and work together

We connect youth to opportunities to lead and give voice on issues that affect them


We amplify the power of youth leadership.

We amplify the inspiring stories of young people.


Come back soon to learn more about our YVL work and upcoming training opportunities.

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